Frequently Asked Questions

Recycling FAQ

How do you recycle my waste?

Our expert team of recyclers sift and sort the contents of your skip to determine how we can best recycle it. We work with a range of different charities, community organisations and recyclers to ensure that we can recycle or reuse 98% of the contents of your skip.

If it’s in good condition it’s donated to charity or community organisations. Alternatively, furniture will be broken down into its component parts for recycling.

All organic materials are composted or mulched.

White goods are broken down into their component parts -predominantly metals and plastics which are then sent for recycling.

Timber is cleaned, stripped, decontaminated and sorted before being shredded into chips to be used in compost and fertilisers.

Plastics are sorted into different types of plastics (eg soft plastics, hard plastics etc) which are then recycled into pellets to be used in future plastic production (extrusion).

Metal is sorted into steel, aluminium, copper etc which is then cleaned, decontaminated and melted down in a furnace. The liquid metal is then reformed into sheets, cubes or ingots used by the manufacturers of metal products.

Concrete, bricks and tiles etc are sorted and crushed into different grades of rubble which
is used in infrastructure and construction projects.

Rubber tyres are cleaned, shredded and then used to make hardwearing playground surfaces, athletics tracks and road surfaces.

Up to 7 days but we can normally extend if requested. Eco Skip Hire Adelaide, know that sometimes project go longer than expected.

General FAQ

Simply call our friendly team, tell us what you want to dispose of and we’ll recommend the best size to suit your project. If you are disposing of bulky items such as sofas and chairs, it’s best to take an approximate measurement which will help our team advise you on the best-sized skip for your project.

Eco Skips should only be filled to the same height as the edges (walls) of the skip. All skips need to be covered for safe transportation, so overfilling the skip may prevent us from covering and moving the skip. In this case, we would need to unload or re-arrange the contents of the skip which may incur additional charges.

If you call us in the morning we can often deliver the same afternoon. However, we would recommend giving at least 24-hours notice to ensure we have stock of the skip you need.

All prices include up to 7-days skip hire. If you need the skip collecting earlier, simply tell us when you make the booking or if you’ve filled the skip bin faster than expected, just give us a call and we’ll dispatch a driver to collect it.

Sure, just give our team a call to let us know when you need us to collect it. Extending your hire period may incur additional hire charges.

Yes, we can’t take asbestos, chemicals or liquid waste. You’ll also need to let us know of any “non-standard” waste items such as gas bottles, paint, oil, batteries or mattresses. These materials require special handling and must be written into your hire contract. Additional charges will apply if “non-standard” items are found in your skip without written agreement in your hire contract.

Up to 7 days but we can normally extend if requested.

Need a fast and reliable Eco Skip?

Skip bin hire in Southern Adelaide that can normally arrive the same day just call before noon.