What is ESG in Business?

What is ESG?

ESG is a relatively new buzzword in businesses and stands for Environmental, Social & Governance. The ESG model covers all the activities in a business and how they contribute to clean and sustainable impacts on the planet.


Environmental criteria include energy, waste management, emissions and sourcing. Every company uses energy and resources, so every business, large or small, has an impact on the environment.


Governance addresses the internal and external systems, practises and controls that govern a business. This includes licencing and training, compliance, health and safety and the laws governing a business.


Social criteria focus on the relationships a business has with its employees and the wider community. Social aspects include ethical sourcing, fair pay, working conditions, diversity, social inclusion along with health and safety and numerous other factors.

Creating a Better Planet

Environmental, social and governance elements are interconnected with each other and the ESG proposition is all about creating a healthy and sustainable business model that positively impacts the planet and society. In fact, sustainability is a key issue for some investors who will only invest in companies with an impressive ESG profile.

Eco Skip Hire & ESG

Sustainability is at the heart of the Eco Skip’s business model and we are always looking for new ways to move towards a 100% recycling rate. By using both recyclers, charities and community organisations we can increase our recycling rate and help the wider community at the same time.

Our commitment to ESG & helping save the planet is evident across all of our business operations and includes:

  • A fleet of small modern trucks with a low carbon footprint.
  • 98% overall recycling rate of all skip contents.
  • Great connections with local charities and community organisations that regularly take furniture donations.
  • Recycling office paperwork and documentation.
  • Power consumption minimised with the use of high efficiency LED lighting & motion detectors, so lighting is only used when needed.
  • Rainwater harvested and used for cleaning vehicles and skips.
  • Regular staff training and development to invest in our people.
  • Friendly environment where open, honest, and respectful communication is encouraged at all times.
  • Safe & efficient skips with access doors.
  • All waste is recycled and handled in accordance with the latest health, safety and environmental regulations.

Eco Skip Hire - Doing The Right Thing

Eco Skip Hire was established to help homeowners and families dispose of waste with minimal impact on the environment. When you use an Eco Skip, you know you’re doing the right thing to help create a greener, cleaner and more sustainable environment and we’re proud to help you make a difference!