About Us

Doing The Right Thing With Sustainable Skip Hire

We are the sort of people who pick up litter on the beach when we are walking, it’s what we do and we do it naturally, without thought, because it makes for a better environment and world. We apply the same principles to our work. We do the right thing for the environment and our clients and we do it every day, with every skip, large or small.

Greg the founder of Eco Skip Hire Adelaide, started in the skip industry back in 1988. As he got to know the industry, he was never happy with the amount of waste that went to landfill and wanted to create a more sustainable waste management solution.

Time For Change

Never happy with the Status quo, Greg decided that it was time to make a change and set up Eco Skip Hire. When we make great decisions, we get great outcomes, so we made a big investment in our skips.

We looked at how people use skips and how we could make them better and easier to use. We looked at what we would want if we were hiring a skip which is why we invested in skips with doors. Having a door into the skip is a game-changer, it’s safer to use, quicker to load and enables you to get more waste/recycling in your skip so we ticked all the boxes.

Next, we needed to look at strategies to achieve a recycling rate nearer to 100%. We partnered with charities, community organisations and nationally recognised and accredited companies, whose values aligned with ours. Companies that adhere to strict processing criteria aimed at 100% reuse of the contents of your skip in fuel, fertiliser, soil, concrete, timber or steel. This way we found recycling solutions that enabled resources to be reused again and again in a sustainable way to minimise the impact on the planet.

Adelaide Family owned and run

2, 3, 4, 6 & 8 cubic metre skips available

Instant over the phone prices

Small trucks for easy access

We are continuing to invest in plant and equipment to make your experience with us seamless and easy. We are currently investing in skip covers to ensure once you’ve loaded the skip, nothing will blow out if there are heavy winds.

Making a difference one skip at a time

Every week we send a minimum of 30 cubic metres of timber for recycling. This is equal to 2 large trees, so when you remove a hardwood deck or throw out an outdoor setting you know it is not the end of its lifecycle – the wood will be processed and be used again in compost or construction products.

We also take huge amounts of green waste and send over 30 cubic metres a week to be processed into fertiliser. This fertiliser is then used to nourish and help more trees and plants grow, which in turn helps to pull more carbon out of the atmosphere so nothing goes to waste.

We’re committed to helping save the planet one skip at a time, so you know when you hire an Eco Skip Hire Adelaide, you’re doing you’re doing the right thing for a cleaner greener planet and you are helping to make a difference.

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